Mini Summit in Jerome

By Janet Farwell, 2014-10-08

I was so excited that Casey decided not to listen to her relatives and came to visit me anyway!  (Several of our kids couldn't believe we were willing to chance a visit as total strangers.  It took some fast talking to get them to understand that a CMA friend is NOT a stranger!)


We started out by making an itinerary of all sorts of things we wanted to share, from making mosaic bird houses together, trying out a groutless adhesive, learning new cutting techniques, and sorting a huge pile of tesserae I recently obtained.  Casey wanted to learn how to make an Easter egg tree so we managed to fit that in and of course, I wanted to show her around Northern Arizona.  We managed to get her out on a road trip so she's now a biker chick too!  This is Casey getting ready to ride on my bike; below that she's on the Harley with my husband, Byron.



Byron treated us to a ride on a zipline.  It was SCARY!


Byron was our personal chef and supplied us with delicious meals whenever we stopped working or talking long enough to eat!  


Mosaicking is more fun with a friend!


We hope everyone had as much fun at the "big" summit as we did at our mini-summit!

Janet & Casey

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OK.....I have to admit - I'm very excited about the response to the Contemporary Mosaic Art Summit - CMA that will be happening in Ashland on Oct. 3.  The response from sponsors who are supporting the mosaicathon has been fantastic and many are giving goodies for the gift bags that participants will receive.  The response - beyond my wildest expectations.   WOW...!!  Very rewarding and I'm speechless..15-1ad.jpg

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"Mosaico Corazones" Mosaic Wall Mural in LA, CA

By Anne Marie Price, 2014-09-06

I had the wonderful opportunity to help work on this great mosaic wall mural last Thursday organized by Rafael Martias in LA, CA. Artists from around the world were asked to send a heart mosaic for the wall in the spirit of artists coming together to share their version of the heart. Over 70 hearts were received from many countries and it was breath taking to see all the talent and love put into this project. Robert Markey flew in from MA to help as well and we three installed the mosaics from sun up to sun down. I was only able to help for a day but it certainly left a lasting impression on what I plan to do in the future. Great artists, people and mosaics turned this into a labor of love I won't soon forget. Rafael started a Facebook page ( and invited many artists he worked with from the "Chile Mosaic Intervention 2014" organized by Isidora Paz Lopez, to send mosaic hearts and it snow balled from there with mosaics arriving from Germany, Italy and too many more to mention. Great turn out and wonderful experience! 


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This week for me

By admin, 2014-09-05

This week 

19-dumpster.jpgWe've been doing some property clean up and it's been exhausting, dirty and very rewarding.  We have a huge container that we are filling up more each day and trashing things that been laying around the, "I'm sure I'll use this someday" things.  

Between the physical demand (I'm so thankful for good working knees) and the recovery period which seems to be a little longer than when I was 25 or even 35, well you know the math,  I've been able to devote a bit of time to CMA needs, more details about the summit and actually some house chores.  

As the summit gets closer to actualization the butterflies in my tummy increase. Both excitement and a little anxiety hoping all the details are covered, that there won't be to many boo boos and looking forward to enjoying the time with so many people from CMA and others that aren't a part of this community.

I appreciate all of you.  Thanks for continuing to support CMA and being active on this site.

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this week...

By admin, 2014-08-30

21-working.jpgIn just one month I'll be leaving for Ashland, Oregon to get the Contemporary Mosaic Art Summit rolling. CMA has been in existence for 6 years and when I started this site I had no idea that eventually we would have a "summit".

Through out the years there have been several CMA gatherings both organized and spontaneous and when Susie Owen was volunteering, we thought many times about what it would take to have a "grand" CMA event.  

It's very exciting for me to see that artists from Canada and 7 different U.S. states will be coming together in Ashland.  We have lots of great things planned for those attending and many opportunities for meeting up with old friends and making new friends.

The whole team, Tina Ellis, Jill McAlvage Smith and John Sollinger - Solly, have spent countless hours working out and refining details and I have a feeling we've only just begun.

I'm very happy and looking forward to meeting many of you and reconnecting with others.  I'm also grateful for this venue that has given us all the opportunity to make lasting friendships.

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Ring Saw

By Jane Silk, 2014-08-04
Just watched a You Tube demo cutting glass with a ring saw, never heard of it till now, I'm curious if anyone out there uses one and what they think of it?
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Photographing work in Progress.

By Jane Silk, 2014-07-24
During a recent workshop Marion Shapiro encouraged us to photograph stages of our work, this is one of the best"tools" I have found to maximise the accuracy/effect of what I'm trying to achieve.It's interesting what you don't see while working.
Last night after feeling quite pleased with myself on my afternoons progress I took a look at the photo of my creative genius!There were 3 small things so glaringly obviously not right which really spoilt the effect of the whole thing, so sprint up to my shed and did I miss that?
I am now addicted to photos of WIP, saves alot of dissappointment and fustration, thanks technology for smartphones!
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Save your Fingers!

By Janet Farwell, 2014-07-08

If, like me, you like to use dental tools, but you don't like the groove it leaves in your finger, there's a product called "Sucru" which can solve the problem!  Sucru is like a modeling clay; I wrapped it around the handle of the dental tool and then mushed my finger into it so it was form fitted for me.  Then I just left it to cure for 24 hours and now it's much more comfortable using the tool.  You can buy Sucru from Amazon, and they also have a link to the manufacturer.  It comes in small packets and didn't take much to do one tool, and you can get it in a variety of colors as well.  You can use it to fix other things too.

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Sharing Mosaics

By Janet Farwell, 2014-06-15

I've really enjoyed making friends on CMA and have gotten a lot of pleasure getting to know Casey Shelley in particular.  We began writing one another after being on a Chat together one day and now we keep in touch several times a week.  I'm really looking forward to seeing her in person when she visits me this fall. A few months ago, inspired by Riley Brennan's Christmas minis, we decided to exchange small mosaic pieces, once a month, for a year.  We came up with themes and Casey found some 3"x3" pieces of wood that we use for substrates.

We've had so much fun creating mosaics for each other.  Somehow, knowing it's for her and having theme parameters really gets my creative juices flowing. After I work on hers, I usually end up working on something else.  June's theme of "White" even had me doing something abstract, a switch from my norm and very good for me.  It's easy to pack up our little pieces in some bubble wrap and they fit in a 5x7 padded envelope and only cost a couple of dollars to mail.  And the anticipation waiting to see what she's made for me, and whether she likes what I've sent her, is wonderful.

My husband has agreed to make us special frames so at the end of the year, we'll each have a keepsake to remind and inspire us.  Here's a picture of the piece she send me for May's "Spring" theme.  Isn't it terrific?


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